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Durak Cards Game


Unless you grew up with a Russian mother, you were likely never told to not call someone durak. Meaning fool, it may seem like this is the most $#!% talking game ever, and, indeed, it may be, but its also a Russian card game with increasing international appeal. Durak offers two variations of the game; Passing and Standard. The object of the game is to get rid of all of your cards as fast as you can. The last player left holding cards is the durak! Played with a mind-boggling 36 cards instead of the standard 52, this is a game of attacking and defending. Game play can include anywhere from 2-4 players. A Leaderboard and Stats ensure that you have non-negotiable receipt of your lack of being a big ol durak. Customizable cards mean that even if you do get named the durak, at least youve done it with your own sense of style.• Play against 1-4 CPU players• Passing and Standard variations• Customizable cards and avatar